Website Design

Simple, sleek and efficient web design is what we are all about. Making sure the customer knows how to find all of the information they need is paramount, as well as having a design that fits the feel and function of your business.

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Do What you love uk

Mirror Digital Media was hired to build a website for a brand new company, specialising in workshops and courses for people wanting to learn new skills, interact with other business networks and learn how to 'do what they love'! 

Based in Southampton, DWUL wanted a website to showcase their events and all of the exciting workshops coming up, as well as give information. T|he main focus of the site was ease of finding information on the events and being able to book onto them simply. We achieved a functional and desirable site that the client was very happy with!

Visit the site here:

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Mirror Digital Media

Earlier this year, our agency underwent a little change. We took on another account manager and website designer, as well as having a refresh of our social channels and website content. We thought this would be the best time to have a brand spanking new website, to showcase our most recent work and improve our look!

The main focus for our website was to be functional in showing all of our services, as well as showing our sleek design skills. The ease of use was important as well as getting the feel of our agency being 'local'. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Social Media

If people don't know what your products look like, how can they decide i they want to buy? Help sell your wares by making them look as if they already fit into your customers life. Consistent, quality posting is the way forward. Don't give up! Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was 1,000,000 loyal followers.


Stakks Southampton

Creating a place for people to view and salivate at the tasty food, whilst hearing about the offers and menu items changing monthly.

Stakks Facebook Page


Tap It Brewing Co.

A brand new local brewery with quality craft beers has some interesting subjects to report! Combining news on the brand as well as fun beer facts and events, we utilise the platforms to inform and entice. 

Tap It Brewing Co Facebook


Radio Taxis

Taxi companies can be pretty inactive on social media, but we wanted to make this one interesting and keep it in the forefront of customers minds by making them laugh and showing them what they're missing!


A local cafe, needing some impactful images and daily posting, increased followers and showed customers all the food and drink available. 


Raw Bean Ltd.

This revolutionary coffee brand needed an online presence that matched the product, quality. So we revamped the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Blog and continue to manage the content and photography. 


My Unipad

A luxury student accommodation company needs social media for people to be able to see their rooms and offerings. Using the social media and blog, we've helped bring some light to their online stamp.

My Unipad Instagram

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The New Local Blog...

We decided that it was pretty difficult to find a great blog or instagram that really made you excited about the things to do in our city. So we set up Southampton Focus.