What We Do

Following your unique style we'll make your brand or business stand out. The way you'd like it.

Digital Styling. 

Digital Styling was created to incorporate all elements into a brands online presence, including personality, themes, colour scheme and product. Covering multiple social media channels, we can then create content that fits perfectly with the way you want to market your business and always looking for new ideas. 

Lifestyling Photography. 

Another concept produced by Mirror is Lifestyling Photography. Having product in a lifestyle image helps consumers to envision how they would use it personally, so lifestyling photography aims to put your brand in a personality lifestyle to show your product in the best way.

Social Media Management. 

As well as creating the content that will promote your brand online, Mirror offer regular social media management, so we do all the hard work for you. With regular meetings and phone calls to check up on how your online space is growing, you are never out of the loop, you just don't have to manually post anything yourself!

Blog/Business Photography (For Bloggers and Brands) 

In the competitive world of blogging, it is paramount to have the best quality photos, especially when showcasing your skills to help collaborate with brands. When taking a 'selfie' just won't cut it, we will help you shoot your outfits in an Instagrammable location. From just £30, you could be the next Sarah Ashcroft or Lydia Millen! Or if you need new professional photos for your company website, we can do that too. 

Blogger Outreach. 

We have built strong relationships with local bloggers, who now have a huge outreach and influence for the city of Southampton. With VIP event invites and press, they have managed to create a hub of excitement and we can tell them all about you too. 

Emailing Lists/Newsletters

With email targeted campaigns, this has become one of the most popular ways to tell your existing customers about your products, offers or services. It also helps to build upon your loyal customer base and track all of the results. 

Website Design

You can find examples of our website design here on this website and The Littlest Darlings & The littlest Darlings photography


We can offer a range of photography services, whether you need one or more people attending, all tailored to your requirements. 

For any enquiries or pricing please email info@mirrordigitalmedia.co.uk.


Event Photography

Holding an event and getting people to come is achievement enough, but having photographs from the big day is a great way to promote future events and have a visual record of your day with colleagues and customers. Enquire at info@mirrordigitalmedia.co.uk for pricing for your event. 

Do What U Love UK

The photos above are from a recent workshop in Southampton in Cove, run by DWUL. Learning new skills, developing new interests and having regular contact with like-minded people is so beneficial to our lives, DWUL events are designed to create a relaxed but highly informative experience with experts in their field.


Branding Photography 

Having a great brand image is paramount, as it is the first contact people have with your company or profiles. If you need improved headshots, website images or brand package images, then get in touch. Enquire at info@mirrordigitalmedia.co.uk for pricing. 


The images above are branding images for a marketing agency, a local enterprise store and a campaign worked on with Virgin Active. All delivering exceptional results based on the briefs given by clients. 

Affiliated with Southampton Bloggers

Affiliated with Southampton Bloggers