Local Business needed a helping hand and I knew I wanted to be the one to create a new identity for them.
— Ellisha-Jade

Founder & Creator of Mirror Digital Media

Started in Southampton, Mirror aims to bring a whole digital media package to smaller businesses and brands that need a personalised and tailored service. Founded by social media obsessed, 1st class Graduate PR student Ellisha-Jade White, Mirror focuses on the ways local businesses can tap into the online world through Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. Experiencing the difficulty in finding local stores and cafes on social media, Ellisha decided there was a niche market for smaller business owners that needed help getting to grips with the new surge in online activity. 

After two years of working for PR agencies and brands, and heavily researching the changes in marketing as well as consumer behaviour, the agency is now ready to take on brands in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. Working with clients such as Re:So Southampton, Tattiana Rose Clothing and Rainha Fightwear, there is much more to be explored and hundreds of unique boutiques to engage with. 

In 2014, the concept of a local agency was formed and Mirror was born. Freelancers from the local area all contribute to make the agency as full servicing as possible to give clients the best opportunity of reaching consumers.

Now in (successful) operation for over two years, it’s becoming clear that social media is here to stay. And local social media is making a huge impact!

Social Media Manager & Web Designer

I started my online journey as a family and lifestyle blogger and have turned to freelance Photography & videography. I am a busy Mum who has spent four years running my own social media platforms.

I'm a writer for a Southampton based website, social media manager, (I am usually found with a camera in hand, scrolling Instagram or sat in front of photoshop) and I have worked with a range of high street companies including Fisher-price and Disney Store. Before starting the littlest darlings photography and working alongside Ellisha at mirror digital media, I was co-founder and editor for the parenting magazine "Oh Lilla & Littles."